Zoom safety tips: How to keep Zoombombing hackers away

“Last week, we told you that the Zoom video conferencing service was ultra-cool and that most people you knew were using it during this COVID-19 pandemic.This week, security researchers started speaking out about security lapses in the program, the new trend of “Zoombombing,” and crashing public meetings with obscenities and worse.

“In response, Zoom’s CEO apologized and said the company had fixed many of the issues. Still, as Zoom usage went from 10 million in December to 200 million in March, you still have a large group looking to exploit the place where people are hanging. Zoom remains the No. 1 most downloaded app in the Apple and Google app stores, according to Apptopia.

“There are ways to curb Zoombombing and more. Some common-sense tips on safer usage of Zoom:

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