Who will win the epic battle for online meeting hegemony? | ZDNet


The pandemic has focused much of the remote worker experience like a laser on the lowly online meeting. Stalwarts like Cisco and HCL face intense competition from upstarts like Zoom and Slack as well as industry heavyweights Google and Microsoft.

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“The coronavirus had spread across much of the world, so most workers were sent home until further notice to carry out their responsibilities.

“It was in this short span of just a few weeks that the relatively sleepy category of Web conferencing and online meetings soared into near-mission critical status. With organizations suddenly being disbanded physically for the foreseeable future, businesses were desperate to minimize the impact of going remote, preserve as much workforce productivity as possible, and replace the physical office using leading virtual solutions like WebEx, Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

“Yet the heavy burden of day-to-day operations now falls upon a small group of product categories that weren’t really designed for the way they’re being used now, nor prepared to be the main communications and collaboration tool that most remote workers employ as their primary employee experience with others.

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