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The growing need for collaboration among young scientists is more essential now than ever before, with careers in research becoming more uncertain and perilous

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the desire to step away from this refuge, interrupt this cycle and breakaway from the comfort zone to engage and collaborate with other like-minded scientists is one worth pursuing. It’s important to always look beyond the familiarity of your PhD to understand and define your future path in science.

Cooperation and collaboration are paramount to maintain a consistent pace of scientific discovery. Whether your research goal is to alleviate antibiotic resistance or control the quantum properties of small metallic nanostructures, ECRs share the common goal of advancing their field through new research. All scientists encounter many obstacles that can only be tackled by teamwork and the interdependence of different skill sets.

Collaboration presents many challenges, such as contribution pressures, cultural differences and even personality clashes. Collaboration requires constant hard work and maintenance between all team members.,,I have no doubt the new relations we form as ECRs when adopting this collaborative frame of mind will lead to many profitable ideas and fruitful alliances in the future, and knowing that we can face complex research questions together as a team is very exciting.

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